Refinishing that Water Tight Basement

If you are like some people and want to throw some crazy basement shows like what you may have seen at Blue Cats Live, then you better get the fundamentals right. You should ensure your basement is water tight and wont flood. We are talking air tight waterproofing. You know who you can count on to do it right in Ohio? The Wet Basement Repair Man. These guys have years of experience that is going to get your downstairs concerts kicked off in the right way, not the wrong way. If you think you are going to finish your basement soon, you should jump on it now. Summer time is the best time to do the work really, the weather is nice and you can really get in there to be sure everything is functioning 100% correctly. So what are you waiting for? Get the job done right and get your basement waterproofing in Akron, Ohio done today.

The Best Screenplay Contests

Are you into writing screenplays? If so then you probably know one of the most proven ways to get found is by entering your script into a competition. A lot of people might be hesitant to put themselves out there in such a raw way and be judged on it. However, with high risk comes high reward. The guys over at ScreenCraft have been running their competitions for a long time now and know how to spot talent. They hold several different types of competitions. They do the horror genre, comedy, romance, family and many others. These guys host some of the best screenplay contests around so if you are serious about taking your writing to the next level then you owe it to yourself to take the jump of faith and get your stuff in a contest.

The Eye Surgery Blues

Are you singing the blues because you have got to get eye surgery? I would be too, but hey on the bright side you are able to get the help you need. There are some places in the world where eye care is not easy to come by and many cannot afford it. Thankfully if you in Ohio you can hit up the Advanced Eye Care Center in Mansfield. There they will take care of your eyes and keep you seeing the world the best you can. Specifically they do Eye Surgery in Bucyrus, Ohio. So if you have these needs then you know where to go. If not, keep on rockin’ the blues.

Where to Get Lien Services?

You might find yourself asking that question. Who can you trust with a lien so vital and important? Luckily you can contact the folks over at and find someone. They help connect you to the professionals you need to get things done. No matter if you are filing a claim in Ohio, or resolving a claim in California, these guys will get you to the right people. Hopefully you are not flipping out when you call though. It be best if you are calm and collected, having information in front of you. The basics. Don’t keep putting it off, get the help you need today and start putting this stuff behind you. Remember, if you are trying to resolve a Mechanics Lien in Ohio, then you have the right place. Good luck!

Internet Marketing in Mansfield, OH

If you have ever seen a blue cat, then surely pigs can fly too. If you have said something similar about your website marketing then we have a proposal for you to check out. Dustin Montgomery is a top tier guy in the Internet Marketing industry. If you need some help in that area, you had better give this cat a call. With years of SEO experience, he can shoot your website to the top of Google and keep it there. You will be getting more leads and making more money. So if you are in need of SEO and Internet Marketing in Mansfield Ohio, give him a call today and get your stuff done right.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Cincinnati Ohio

Let’s say you came to see the Blue Cats Live in Cincinnati and you got your nose broken in an epic mosh pit! What a story number 1, and number 2 you might look at it afterwards and think you need a nose job. Well that just sounds awesome. It may not feel awesome, but again, what a story to tell your friends. Hopefully you are from the area and have insurance. If not, this could be pretty expensive for something so unexpected. Imagining you do meet those requirements though, you want to make sure you find a great surgeon to help you out. There are many options on who you could have to your nose job surgery, but be sure to ask around and get a quote. One place you can go to get quotes on Rhinoplasty Surgery Cincinnati is They specialize in getting you connected with the right surgeon for you. Before you put it off again, contact them today.

Photography SEO and Marketing

If you are looking for someone to take care of your online marketing and SEO, you are reading the right article. The bottom line is you need clients. You need yesterday and as many as you can handle. Well my friend the internet is a beautiful place! You can attract tons of clients and have more than you know what to do with. A great problem to have no doubt. You can spend your precious time learning all you need to know about internet marketing and search engine optimization, but that time is valuable, you could be working with clients and doing what you love. That is what you should go ahead and hire for your Photography SEO and marketing. You will love the results.


Wedding Pictures

Weddings are great. You get to get dressed up (which some people love), drive forever away (some times) and give presents to people. But it is all over in a heart beat, especially if you are the one who is in it! You had better take some pictures to remember this crazy day by. Who you pick might be one of the toughest decisions you have to make when planning your wedding all out.

You really ought to give some great consideration to who you pick. You will have to show people for the rest of your life! I think you should just go ahead and pick already. You probably have been putting it off. No, your distant cousin will not do as good a job with your wedding photography in cincinnati as the people you find online with awesome portfolios. They just wont. Your wedding is special, make sure your pictures will reflect that. You are not going to like it if after the wedding something silly happens like loosing the SD card or forgetting to use a good flash and half or all of your pictures are ruined. You want someone with experience who knows what they are doing. You want to be able to relax on the big day and not worry about how your photos will turn out. Make a good decision.

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