Blue Cats and Chiropractors

What do blue cats and sports chiropractors have to do with each other? Nothing, nothing at all. I am not even going to pretend they do. Well, let’s try.

So say you are at this gnarly rock concert. You are head banging about and then BAM! Out of nowhere you get smashed in the neck with the elbow of some random girl who was thrown about by some huge dude who things he’s the stuff.

Next morning you gotta get up and your neck is hurting bad. Time to visit a sports chiropractor! Where do you go? Well lucky for you Worthington folk there is this website. Now get on it!

Knoxville’s premiere venue for bands, live music, concerts, and shows.

Hosting Fiction 125 every Saturday night with the hottest dance music.

All shows are 18+ unless noted otherwise. There is a $2 surchage for patrons under 21 years of age.

Tickets are available at all Tickets Unlimited outlets.

Purchase by phone:

Purchase online: Tickets Unlimited
Music Today

Just kidding. That is what used to be on this page years and years ago. I am sure that place had good times, but this page no longer reflects that venue.