Before, During, and After Eyebrow Microblading

eyebrow microblading

The procedure of eyebrow microblading can give you full, natural-looking eyebrows. The technique is popular for the quality of the finished product, which depends on the skill and experience of the microblading technician. Before you choose an eyebrow microblading salon, consider the following:

Avoiding certain activities before microblading

There are certain things you should do and avoid before having your eyebrow microblading session. Depending on the type of pigment used, you may need to avoid certain activities to ensure the best results. In addition to avoiding specific activities, you should avoid the following medications. Before scheduling your appointment, review the guidelines that will make your experience as comfortable as possible. Some people find that a calming ear plug can help them relax.

For at least 7 days after your procedure, avoid the sun and all other direct contact with the treated area. This means that you should stay indoors and wear a hat while outside. Additionally, you should avoid taking long showers and allowing too much steam to build up in your face. Also, when you are taking a bath or shower, use a mug and bucket to wash your face instead of the shower head. This way, you can prevent the incisions from being irritated.

Avoiding chemical peels

After having your brows microbladed, you’ll need to takeĀ raleigh microblading care of the area for at least two weeks. This includes avoiding water, soap, and lotion. It’s also important to avoid rubbing the treated area. You also should avoid prolonged exposure to the shower head and sauna. Avoid picking at your brows after the procedure to prevent premature scab removal and scarring.

Before your procedure, you’ll want to remove all hair from the area. Some surgeons will ask you to use an eyebrow pencil if your brows are excessively long or have alopecia totalis. If your eyebrows are missing altogether, you can use the medial pad of fat on the orbital ridge. This is a good starting point for the procedure. You’ll want to measure the lateral and medial nasal alae as well, as they are not identical.


The cost of eyebrow microblading varies significantly, and will be based on several factors. The quality of pigment will determine the cost, as will the location of the procedure. Microblading is also highly customizable, so you can have your eyebrows shaped however you want. You can have them filled in just slightly, or you can have an entire brow outline outlined around your natural hair. Microblading can be expensive, but the cost of the procedure varies according to the provider, location, and the number of sessions needed. Remember to budget for touch-ups, as the process will require regular maintenance.

The technique of microblading requires a small tool that contains tiny needles. The artist uses these needles to draw hair strokes on the brows, depositing pigment under the skin. This gives your brows an incredibly realistic look. Since it does not involve pulling or stretching the skin, it is ideal for busy moms who juggle work and household tasks. You can also ask your artist about certifications and experience.


Aftercare for eyebrow microblading is essential for the healing process. You should avoid applying water, soap, or lotion to the treated area for the first few days. Make sure you wash your face gently and avoid using the shower head on the area. Avoid picking and scratching the area, as this will cause the scab to fall off prematurely. Scratching can also result in patchy results or scarring.

Before bedtime, you should clean your newly microbladed eyebrows with a soft clean cloth. Then, you should apply an antibacterial ointment to prevent bacteria and buildup. Applying this ointment twice a day will help prevent the new skin from drying out too much. Remember to use a clean tissue to blot the area before applying the microblading ointment.