Campad Electronics Has Expanded Product Range

Campad Electronics is very proud to introduce to you their new range of cell phones with LCD displays which have a full touch screen and are suitable for use even in harsh weather conditions.  Click here for more info. These phones have a powerful battery, allowing you to make long phone calls or text for hours without feeling any let down. They have the latest version of Windows Mobile installed and come in various colours such as grey, black and blue. The phones have a slim body and a thick and wide glass face which houses the large touch screen.

Campad Electronics

With this product from campad electronics you are able to carry out your daily tasks with ease and comfort. You can use your mobile phone whilst working on your PC as it allows you to type and use documents whilst watching TV at the same time. You will not get tired because the screen is so bright and sharp and you are able to view your documents in high definition clarity. You can keep using your favourite programs whilst listening to music or using your compact radio whilst driving your vehicle as well.

You can use your mobile phone to surf the web at blazing fast speeds and with the quality of sound that campad electronics have produced you will not want to leave your seat. With a large and wide screen you can watch videos and play games much more easily. You can chat with friends and family or connect with your work colleagues via different means of communication such as text, email and social networking. All of these features make these phones ideal for people who want to make the most of their mobile broadband connection.

The amazing thing about these mobiles from campad electronics is that all their accessories come standard with it. You will find all of the basic features such as touch screen, large display, speakers and many other accessories that you would expect from a modern day mobile phone. You also get a massive range of chargers that enable you to charge your phone or other devices quickly and effectively when on the move.

If you wish to be able to enjoy your music and videos more then you will also appreciate the additional audio speakers and Bluetooth car kit that campad electronics include in each of their phones and portable accessories. The speakers included in many models are really great and have excellent quality sound reproduction which allows you to enjoy music and video to its best. Many models also come with their own remote control or Audience Response system which makes controlling your phone a lot easier than before. You can now also enjoy TV programmes through your portable television or plug your phone into the TV socket so you can watch shows and films on the move.

The new wireless chargers available for use with your new phones and devices are also extremely handy. Some models come with up to 10 different types of chargers so you can charge your phone or devices quickly and effectively anywhere around the house. The new wireless chargers can be plugged into any wall socket and will charge your device quickly. With all the latest technological improvements on board campad electronics have produced some truly impressive products and they are becoming extremely popular with all generations of mobile phone users.

As if the range of fantastic accessories is not enough, campad electronics also manufacture a huge range of LCD tablet and LED touch screen tablets which are becoming extremely popular with tablet users who want the ultimate portable viewing experience without having to carry around a huge laptop. Many models also feature an extended battery life making them ideal for travelers and people on the move. You will find a huge range of accessories available which includes Bluetooth headsets, speakers, a wide range of data cables and even an AC/DC adapter to help you use your device even when your power sockets are at a complete dead point. No matter what you are looking for you will find it at campad electronics. You will be amazed at the range of accessories they sell and are sure to find something that is perfect for your requirements.

At campad electronics you can find a huge range of electronic safety products which includes the new Wireless Charger and the new Power Boosters which increase the longevity of your mobile phones battery, make it charge more quickly and increase the performance of your phone. If you travel extensively then the new ultra-thin, lightweight chargers will help you keep your phone protected in all kinds of weather. If you have ever bought a cell phone then you will no doubt have encountered frustrating problems such as your phone dying out during a trip to the beach or in extreme climatic conditions. Now you do not have to worry about your mobile phones performance and can enjoy your trips to the beach or the mountains.