Can you claim for birth trauma?

A birth injury can turn what should be a joyous event into a family tragedy. When a health care professional’s medical error causes an injury to a newborn, the victim and their family deserve financial compensation. If your child was injured during labor and delivery, contact Seattle birth injury claim specialist Boohoff Law, P.A. for a free case review. We can determine if the injury was caused by malpractice and, if so, help you pursue legal action to recover compensation for your child’s injuries.

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Every pregnancy, labor and delivery is fraught with potential complications. While some of these problems are unavoidable, many are preventable if a medical provider adheres to the appropriate standards of care. Unfortunately, these standards are often violated by doctors and nurses who fail to deliver a safe birth or properly treat the injured child afterward. This can result in severe and lasting injuries that significantly impact a child’s life.

If your child has a permanent disability from a birth injury, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. This compensation can cover past and future medical costs, lost earnings, loss of companionship, and emotional distress. Our Seattle birth injury lawyers can identify all parties that could be liable for your child’s damages and ensure they are held accountable.

One of the most common types of birth injuries is cerebral palsy, an incurable condition that affects a child’s ability to move, speak, and learn. It can also lead to difficulty eating, sleeping, and concentrating. Other types of serious birth injuries include paralysis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord trauma, and broken bones. These conditions can have a devastating effect on your child’s quality of life and require lifetime medical treatment, therapy, and support.

Our team will investigate your medical records to see if a health care professional violated their duty of care during your child’s birth or soon afterward. We will gather and review medical documents, collect and analyze evidence, contact expert witnesses, and calculate damages for your child’s injuries. We will work tirelessly to build your case and get you the maximum possible compensation in the shortest amount of time.

When a health care professional fails to follow the proper standards of care, it can result in medical malpractice and a birth injury lawsuit. However, proving that negligence occurred is not always easy, especially since healthcare providers are usually insured by large insurance companies that defend against these claims. Our Seattle birth injury attorneys will handle all negotiations with the insurance company and other involved parties so you do not have to.

Our legal team is prepared to take your case as far as necessary, including filing a lawsuit in court when it is in your best interest. We have the experience, resources, and skills to stand up to powerful medical malpractice insurers and get you the results you deserve. To get started on your claim, contact our Seattle office today for a free consultation with a skilled lawyer.

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