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Fire Watch Security

Every qualified and competent security guard fire watch is required to patrol around the premises of a fire watch servicing company, checking the whole work area for possible fires, electrical malfunctions or other unusual conditions. Fire watch guards are also asked to assess all the buildings located in the vicinity of the fire watch. They are also asked to visit the homes of the business owners if called. This basic task will help reduce the risks of fire accidents inside the buildings.

Fire safety has become very important for any organization. Fire Watch Security is a specialized task, as it requires complete attention. Every member of the fire watch team is highly trained to perform their assigned duties in a planned manner. If a fire watch security officer fails in his duty, serious damage might occur and there would be loss of lives and property. Hence, every fire safety system must be properly monitored by a qualified and competent safety officer who has undergone training for fire watch operations.

Fire Watch Services has two components which include a fire watch security service and a fire watch services. The primary function of the fire watch security service is to monitor the functioning of the fire alarm systems. A qualified technician inspects the complete system and provides a report on its condition. The report includes all the relevant details, such as the frequency of the siren, whether the warning has been activated and when it was created. It also includes the name and contact number of the fire department. In case there are any malfunctioning of the system, the technician contacts the concerned authorities and reports the same.

Fire watch security guards also perform other duties such as inspecting all the hazardous chemicals, materials and equipment in the site of the business. They provide safety and security to the personnel at work and prevent any kind of accident or occurrence of a hazard. There are also emergency call buttons provided on the security guards’ duty cards. All these buttons must be pressed at the earliest in case of any emergency. For this reason, a large number of staff and their security guards must be present at the site, to manage the emergency situation.

Fire watch security guards have a specific set of duties. They are supposed to look out for signs of fire, smoke and dangerous gases. They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the premises. Moreover, they make periodic inspections of all the equipments and buildings to ensure that no new hazards are being created due to negligence and faulty maintenance. They also conduct door-to-door fire check, which includes checking whether the doors and windows are properly secured to prevent the entry of fire hazards and intruders.

Fire Watch Security is a specialized job and requires a person with a good knowledge on basic fire safety and prevention measures. People who have received appropriate training are generally more capable than others in managing fire hazards and fighting fires. On the whole, individuals who possess the skills and qualities of the Fire Watch Guard are more equipped to identify the presence of any fire hazard and take remedial action as soon as possible. Those who have no proper training or no training at all are not fit for such a specialized post. Hence, it is very important that people who are interested in becoming guards must get adequate training and experience.